Friday, April 23, 2010

*Dreams* Netting Fantasy

Hey there Dreamers wow do I have a lot to tell you about this week so let's just dive right in and get to it

You know those new Neko sets I've been promising you well they are done \o/ I've got the first 3 sets up and ready for your neko loving <3 they come in 12 different colors, the ears are scripted to move very realistically and the tails have several options as to how you can make them twitch and energy levels.

*Dreams* Vices Ears & Tails Sets
*Dreams* Tied With a Bow Ears & Tails Set
*Dreams* Purrfectly Plain Ears & Tails Set

Also out JUST for Fantasy fair and Relay for Life are each set in two special colors Grape Snow & Pink Candy Snow.
*Dreams* Purrfectly Plain in Grape Snow {RFL EXCLUSIVE}*Dreams* Purrfectly Plain in Candy Pink Snow {RFL EXCLUSIVE}

*Dreams* Tied With A Bow in Grape Snow {RFL EXCLUSIVE}*Dreams* Tied With A Bow in Candy Pink Snow {RFL EXCLUSIVE}

*Dreams* Vices Grape in Snow {RFL EXCLUSIVE}*Dreams* Vices Candy in Pink Snow {RFL EXCLUSIVE}

and 100% of each of these sets goes to The American Cancer Society

Next up is another exclusive set going towards another rocking charity You get all 7 colors with both style pants Plaid & Polka dot for the low price of 300L with all of it going towards Nothing But Nets
*Dreams* Polka Dot & Plaid Jammies {Exclusive Alt Fair Donation Item}

Also I worked with my wonderful friend Ivey Deschanel of Sn@tch to put this set together, you get the multi option outfit, hat with ears attached and scripted tail all for $275 L so cute! 100% of the proceeds of this item go to help Nothing But Nets
*Dreams* & Sn@tch Captain Kitty Vendor Ad

both of these sets are at the Alternative Fair with 100% going towards Nothing But Nets an awesome charity working to prevent Malaria for thousands of people. So come on down and check out the Alternative fair with over 50 other amazing shops all with items going to charity. Oh and tons of free gifts all over as well the fair I even have a special one out for y'all because I love you so much

Check here for more info and a list of all the shops involved.

One last item I wanted to try some different things with the jeans I did last week and this is what came out and because I have been so busy running around I left out this weeks humpday item for the weekend so you all still have a chance to grab it.
*Dreams* Musical Humpday Set {Includes jeans and 3 tees}
*Dreams* Musical Humpday Set {Includes jeans and 3 tees}

Today's tidbit is something pretty easy to remember sometimes, We all have the power to make a change in the world be it small or large and when we work together we can move mountians.

May all your dreams come true,
Sanura Snowpaw of *Dreams*