Wednesday, June 30, 2010

*Dreams* Operation Lace {HUMP DAY HAPPINESS}

Hey there Dreamers, I got a mix of something a little older with something brand new this week for you all for humpday so Imma shut my trap and get right to it.

These are those ever so cute tank dresses I made a few weeks ago and I told you they could go with just about anything well I made these 80's style leggings with a lace trim at the bottom and thought OMG I know just what to put these with. They are ready to mix and match to your hearts content. So get them all and you never know what combo you might come up with. Only at *Dreams* Main Store.
*Dreams* Purple Lace {Humpday Special Set} Ad
*Dreams* Pink Lace {Humpday Special Set} Ad
*Dreams* Green Lace {Humpday Special Set} Ad

For the rest of this weeks humpday shops check out the flickr group or blog.

Also I'm not sure if you heard about Operation Squeegee but it is this awesome event put together by Further Monday whos heart is as big as the ocean we are working so hard to clean up. I'm sure you all know about the huge disaster in the gulf there's not much we can do to reverse it unless one of you has a time machine *looks around* ok I didn't think so but there is much we can do to clean up and help out the wildlife and those who live there. So please stop by, there are many exclusive items from so of the best creators on the grid and below are the items you can find from *Dreams*. All the tees are only 50L each. All of these are only available at Operation Squeegee.
*Dreams* Praying Mantis Tee Ad  {OPERATION SQUEEGEE EXCLUSIVE}

And remember I told you some of the best creators on the grid were involved I was lucky enough to partner up with on to bring you this exclusive set, Larue Laval of LaLa FooFoo and I teamed up and pur together this exclusive set just for Operation Squeegee. This whole set is for the LOW LOW price of only 200L.
*Dreams* & ~*LaLa FooFoo Lacey Tease Set  {OPERATION SQUEEGEE EXCLUSIVE}

There is even a freebie to be found as weel as a small hunt which I will be running over to very soon I gotta have a Snorse.

and for those of you who have asked the new puppy does have a name and is fitting into life at home very well I will be announcing her name this weekend after passing out the prizes. but until that here is a pic to because I can't help but show her off
Hey That's Not Your Slipper

May all your dreams come true,
Sanura Snowpaw of *Dreams*