Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ankhs and Attitudes

Hey Dreamers boy have I been busy this week so without the gab lets get straight to the meat of it all

Today is Hump Day and I have a very special set out for today only It comes with 2 tops, collar & lip piercing set. Only available at *Dreams* Main Store
*Dreams* Ankh Humpday Set Ad
For the rest of this weeks Hump Day Vendors visit our flickr group.

My first piercing set should have some more for you all next week the Ankh charm is also color change For only 75L
*Dreams* Ankh Piercing Ad
A new collar and as usual the base is texture change and the Ankh charm is also color change so you can match them to what ever you want Only 175L
*Dreams* Ankh Collar Ad
And what better to match them up to then these Ankh Tube Tops 100L each or 400L for all 8 colors which is like getting 4 of them free :O
*Dreams* Ankh Tube Tops Ad
My wonderful friend Jacqueline Daniels made a request on plurk for these and they sounded so fun so I made them up for all of you also 100L each or 400L for all of them.
*Dreams* Bitch Please Tees Ad
And lastly my favorite new item I have been wearing these since I made them I knitted them myself just for you all and then Dyed them in 9 colors 100L each or 400L for all of them also you can only get the black in the rainbow pack
*Dreams* Halter Tanks

Well thats it for now time for me to get back to creating some more stuff for you all :D I hope you enjoy.

May all your dreams come true,
Sanura Snowpaw of *Dreams*