Wednesday, April 28, 2010

*Dreams* Spring Luvin

Hey there Dreamers I'm so excited to share this weeks releases and boy are there a bunch of them so lets cut to the chase and give you what your waiting for.

First up I've been working on doing some brighter colors and I think I nailed them in this set, these halters are super sexy
*Dreams* Spring Halters

And of course we needed something to go with those sexy halters so I sewed up some cute shorts
*Dreams* Jean Shorts

I put two colors into sets together for Humpday of them so make sure you come grab them before they are back to their regular price
*Dreams* Purple Halter & Shorts Humpday Set
*Dreams* Red Halter & Shorts Humpday Set

And I decided to ink up some tattoos for everyone they have wonderfully uplifting quotes on them
*Dreams* Wounds Tattoo {Right Shoulder}
*Dreams* Become Tattoo
*Dreams* Wounds Tattoo {Left Shoulder}

Humpday items and new releases are only at *Dreams* Main Store.

Also if you have a quote you would love to have inked drop me an IM or notecard and if I do it you will get a copy first FREE and before anyone else.

And Last but not least the Alternative Fair is going to close soon so if you haven't grabbed these items make sure you go down and visit before they are gone forever and remember 100% of each set goes to Nothing But Nets, we are up to 50 nets and thats beyond amazing.

*Dreams* Polka Dot & Plaid Jammies {Exclusive Alt Fair Donation Item}
*Dreams* & Sn@tch Captain Kitty Vendor Ad

Check here for more info and a list of all the shops involved.

Words of wisdom from a tiny kitteh to you, try something new even if you think you won't like it or won't be good at it you just might surprise yourself.

May all your dreams come true,
Sanura Snowpaw of *Dreams*