Wednesday, February 24, 2010

*Dreams* Less Than Three's you

Hey there Dreamers todays release day and boy do I have a bunch for you so lets get right down to it.

I am forever doing <3 in things I do and someone who isn't quite as inernet savvy (My Dad) asked why I am always putting Less Than Three at the end of things I write and it insired me to make these adorable new tees. And after explaining it to him he now is using it all the time LOL
*Dreams* Less Than Three Ad

They are 100L per tee or 400L for the Rainbow Pack

For humpday happiness I paired them with matching shorts the shorts have 2 verions with and without the back pockets
*Dreams* Blue Less Than Three Humpday Ad
*Dreams* White Less Than Three Humpday Ad
*Dreams* Purple Less Than Three Humpday Ad
As always they come on all layers. and cause I am a bit late I will leave it out till tommorow night for you all.

For the rest of this weeks vendors check out our flickr group.

I also finished up some belly rings I have been working on for a while.
*Dreams* Paw Print Belly Ring
*Dreams* Ankh Belly Ring
*Dreams* Starry Belly Ring
*Dreams* Peace Belly Ring
*Dreams* Music Note Belly Ring
*Dreams* Open Heart Belly Ring
*Dreams* Mars Belly Ring
*Dreams* Venus Belly Ring
*Dreams* Pentagram Belly Ring
*Dreams* Gothic Cross Belly Ring

I also released these lip rings which match the belly rings a few weeks ago that I forgot to announce
*Dreams* Musical Note Lip Piercing Set
*Dreams* Venus Lip Piercing Set
*Dreams* Starry Lip Piercing Set
*Dreams* Gothic Cross Lip Piercing Set
*Dreams* Mars Lip Piercing Set
*Dreams* Pentagram Lip Piercing Set
*Dreams* Peace Sign Lip Piercing Set
*Dreams* Paw Print Lip Piercing Set
*Dreams* Open Heart Lip Piercing Set

All piercings are 75L per set and all the charms are color change

Todays though is never be scared to ask a question if you don't know this is how we grow and learn. The only stupid quesstion is the unasked question.

May all your dreams come true,
Sanura Snowpaw of *Dreams*