Tuesday, February 9, 2010

*Dreams* Original Zombies

Hey there Dreamers I have a few wonderful things to share with you all today so lets cut to the chase and get right to the meat of it ok?

I am sure you are well aware of the situation in Haiti and I'm sure many of you have already donated but I want you to know about another wonderful event going on Hot For Zombies it's full of the darkest nightmares you can imagine and maybe even a few you haven't yet. But not all is dark and nightmares some is just pure fun. Including these very special tees I made just for this event with 100% going to the Red Cross and there are so many other vendors so please check it out. Also they have a area set up for dancing where there are DJs spinning out tunes for your listening pleasure 24/7 you never know you might just see me over there getting my groove on :D it goes on until the 15th so make sure to drop by Hot For Zombies soon.

These are the special tees I made because not all of us want to be a zombie and well someone needs to be the food :D
*Dreams* Brain Donor Tees Ad

You can get the rainbow pack for 300L or each color for 100L as always they come on all layers. and remember 100% goes to the Red Cross.

Next up in the news is the Artist Voice I <3 Originals Fair it started yesterday and goes until the 14th there is information all over the sim about what you can do to help prevent and stop content theft.

I have put out some brand new cashmere halters with the theme of love
*Dreams* Love Halters Ad

They are on sale for the fair for 50% off so 50L each or 150L for the rainbow pack. After the fair they will go back up to their normal price. As always they come on all layers.

Also on sale at the fair only are *Dreams* gift cards for 50% off.

Your taxi direct to *Dreams* @ AV Originals Fair.

Take a look around there are 39 more stores and a small hunt also.

Content theft hurts everyone: consumers and content creators. It doesn't have a place in our world. Together, we can end it.

There will also be some very fun and informational events they are as follows
Feb 8th-14th: Fair
Feb 10th, 6pm SLT: Literature and Copyright Seminar. Michael A. Stackpole. Robert E. Vardeman, Andrea Howe, and Khia Gherardi as panelists.
Feb 11th, 6pm SLT: Michael A. Stackpole will be reading from his new novel, At The Queen's Command.
Feb 13th, 2pm SLT: Designers and Content Theft. Jori Watler, JEssanne Janus, Bracken Back and Katey Coppola as panelists.

Also don't forget the Valentine's Bazaar everything is 50 L or less. It ends on the 17th and these tanks will then be gone forever.
*Dreams* Pink Hearts Halter Ad
*Dreams* Purple Hearts Halter Ad
*Dreams* Blue Hearts Halter Ad
*Dreams* Green Hearts Halter Ad

Whew I think that's it for now as if that's not enough right?

This week I leave you with this thought, Embrace who you know yourself to be not who others think you are and you will shine for all the world to see.

May all your dreams come true,
Sanura Snowpaw of *Dreams*