Wednesday, March 31, 2010

*Dreams* Can't Brain Today...

Hey there Dreamers I'm running behind with the notice again this week, I'm sure you all are shocked by this. So I will be leaving this weeks item out until tomorrow night. But I do have some great news for me personally and in the end for you also I ordered my new laptop today so I will be able to get more done and start working on some more intricate designs for you all.

I had a request for these tees and I found them so funneh I just had to do them They say "I can't brain today... I have the dumb" and for humpday I put together the teal and hot pink for only 69L for hump day
*Dreams* Brain Dumb Tees {HUMPDAY SPECIAL}

This set come in total of 10 colors
*Dreams* Brain Dumb Tees

Both are only out at *Dreams* main store.

For the rest of this weeks hump day happiness check out our flickr group.

Don't forget *Dreams* now has a fishing pond you can fish for this set tees in 9 colors, a lip piercing set, belly ring, and collar if you don't feel like fishing for it you can purchase the FULL set for 400L
*Dreams* Fishing Set {Includes Tees, Collar, Piercings}

I do have to say the pond is for sure my new fav place to be in SL its just so peaceful right through *Dreams* you will see it.

I've been working hard to get all the new neko sets finished up but until then the Neko sale is still on also all current styles are on sale 100L per fur color, 150L for both Snowy White & Black Night and 600L for the rainbow packs. That 50% and more off their regular prices.

The new sets are looking hot though they will have 3 different ear styles and 2 different tail styles.

“Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today.” -James Dean, truer words have never been spoken, remember to always follow your dreams because tomorrow is just a empty promise with no guarantee.

May all your dreams come true,
Sanura Snowpaw of *Dreams*