Thursday, March 11, 2010

*Dreams* Gives Into your Animal Instinct

Hey there Dreamers I am so sorry I am late this week but while I when I was just about to sit down and tell you all about all the newness I got ill and spent the rest of my time in either the bathroom or bed. But I am back on my feet so lets get to it.

Seems like I wasn't the only one that loved the new corsets I was asked for some print one so who am I to deny you all when ya luffing on something so I did animal print and houndstooth
*Dreams* Houndstooth Corsets
*Dreams* Animal Print Corsets

For humpday happiness I broke up the animal print set into a Cheetah set and Zebra set and as I mentioned I am late sending this out cause I got so ill they will be out all weekend Monday I will be picking them up, so grab your limo and come grab em while you can.

*Dreams* Zebra Corsets Humpday Special Set
*Dreams* Cheetah Corsets Humpday Special Set

For the rest of this weeks vendors check out our flickr group and we have an in world group now so you can join and get your list first.

The new neko sets are coming along nicely and I am hoping I can get them out for you all very soon but until then remember all current styles are on sale 100L per fur color, 150L for both Snowy White & Black Night and 600L for the rainbow packs. That 50% and more off their regular prices. Only at *Dreams* Main Store

The *Dreams* survey is still up for a few more days so if you have a few moments I would greatly apperciate it if you could fill it out and its all anonymous so no worries there also please don't worry about hurting my feelings I wouldn't ask if I didnt want the truth :)

Todays thought is pretty simple try and do a random act of kindness for someone if you know them or not you just might make someones day.

May all your dreams come true,
Sanura Snowpaw of *Dreams*