Wednesday, March 24, 2010

*Dreams* Goes Fishing

Hey there Dreamers

I've been asked a few times to put this set back out it was the very first set I did for Hump Day hard to think that was 20 weeks ago, but alas it was so I decided to celebrate our 20th week I would pull this out one last time for all of you who may have missed it the first time. You get all 8 colors on all layers for only 69L
*Dreams* 69 Tees {Humpday Exclusive}

For the rest of this weeks hump day happiness check out our flickr group.

I have some awesome news for all of you fishers out there *Dreams* now have a fishing pond you can fish for this set tees in 9 colors, a lip piercing set, belly ring, and collar if you don't feel like fishing for it you can purchase the FULL set for 400L
*Dreams* Fishing Set {Includes Tees, Collar, Piercings}

I do have to say the pond is for sure my new fav place to be in SL its just so peaceful I even fell asleep the other day if you walk right through *Dreams* you will see it here are a few pictures so you can see just how peaceful it is and the proof I feel asleep LOL
*Dreams* Pond
Sanura Sleeping at *Dreams* Pond

I am super hoping I get these sets all done very soon for you all but until then the Neko sale is still on also all current styles are on sale 100L per fur color, 150L for both Snowy White & Black Night and 600L for the rainbow packs. That 50% and more off their regular prices.

I found a great quote on the interwebs I would like to share with you all

"nobody ever got through life without having someone hate them
nobody ever created anything without having someone hate it
but then again, nobody ever lived without having someone love them and
nobody ever created anything someone didn't think was at least half good
that's LIFE that's ART
so stop worring and enjoy it already"

May all your dreams come true,
Sanura Snowpaw of *Dreams*